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The base foundation of DALTA BUILDING SERVICES is the experience that our people bring to the building maintenance industry give us the strength to keep high level of service

DALTA BUILDING SERVICES is one of the best-known companies in Greater Toronto Area. Our clients have benefitted from our services in cases such as major incidents like flood, water, damage, mold control, carrying out seasonal cleaning or various labor tasks relating to building maintenance.

Our firm has shown competence and has responded to the many needs of customers in emergency situations.

About Us

More than 30 years of experience

Our experience of more than three decades, couple with staff depth and top supervisory teams in every area of operation, enable us to handle nearly every maintenance and service imaginable. Our executive team is prepared to oversee this project, ensuring the highest and best cooperation, assuring as smooth a start up operation as possible.
The ability to recruit, train and maintain our specialized labour force has contributed to our leadership in the service industry. The people themselves have provided Dalta Building Services a reservoir of talents and experience to bring to any problem or situation the objective viewpoint of “Total maintenance”.


We at Dalta Building Services Inc are fully committed to the ongoing development of management, supervision, and hourly paid labor through external and internal training.

We demand from ourselves this ongoing discipline to improve continually, since we know that proper training is second to selective hiring and that will guarantee results and maximize the dollar investment of our customers and Dalta Building Services.

Training starts prior to any task performance to safeguard our employees, client holdings, and consistency of service. This orientation is thorough and demanding in that it covers mandatory practices, safety practices, and standard cleaning methods and procedures.

The immediate supervisor or proven senior cleaner will work with the employee to demonstrate proper procedures. Pace, special area needs, and service standards expected. The new cleaner will then be allowed to continue under close supervision and, if required, minor training may be need to provide consistency of service.

All work sites are thoroughly checked by supervision until the employee can obtain consistently satisfying results. The employee’s performance will be monitored through the tools of quality control. Used throughout the balance of the project.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We at Dalta Building Services demand of ourselves the best quality allowed to protect our mutual interest-our valued clientele, our reputation, and our fair return on investment.

Implementation of a detailed quality control management program is the first vital step in achieving our goals.


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