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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

To Clean and Protect

We are proud of our carpet and floor cleaning services. Not only do we clean these surfaces; we also protect them from long term damage.

Cleaning Your Carpets

Our steam extraction carpet cleaners are the best at getting the deep down and ground in dirt out of your carpets. With 500 PSI of water pressure and powerful vacuums, we get your carpets deep down clean. Ask us about our full range of carpet care options, deigned to keep your carpets looking like new.

Floor Maintenance

Whether your floor surface is vinyl tile, ceramic or apoxy, we offer a range of care options to suit your needs. Ask us about our floor maintenance programs, which can be customized depending on your traffic volume and facility needs.

Always Green

We offer a green housekeeping program that gives you a clean and environmentally healthy workplace. We use only certified green products to clean your facility. These products are free from volatile organic compounds (VOC), fragrances and dyes.

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